Brett Champagne Homes offers over 24 years of experience in the residential construction industry, as well as refurbishing historic homes. We offer our customers an opportunity to live and raise their families in a quality and unique environment.

Our experience gives us the opportunity to build the home of your dreams. We accomplish this by offering a variety of styles, amenities, and price ranges to cater to each customer; whether we are building a spec home to appeal to many or a custom home to meet the needs of your personal lifestyle. It begins with a vision and culminates in the creation of your home. We value our customers and have built our reputation on being trustworthy, easily accessible, personable and most importantly, detail and quality oriented.

Our team includes: experienced and talented sub-contractors, licensed contractors, architects and builders with a history of working with our company and the community. Our team embodies a camaraderie approach that also includes top rated real estate agents, positive relationships with local city organizations, as well as the Champagne family which is the beating heart of our company.

We aim for each home we build to make a lasting eco-friendly impression on our community and our neighbors through dedication, commitment, unique craftsmanship, experience and passion. We are able to offer our customers dream homes that we, ourselves would be proud to live in.

About Brett Champagne

Brett began his career in the residential construction industry in 1993 as an apprentice and has mastered the intricacies of high-quality craftsmanship. Over the years, he has acquired the knowledge and trust of his mentors by working side-by-side and uniquely developing his professional style and precise work ethic.